A talk about Concrete graphic design, about a style, a typeface, the form that doesn’t necessarily follow the function, about our beginning, our love for systems, for the fails of systems, about basic ideas, about the limits of all this and the future of things.

Spassky Fischer is Paris-based graphic design studio founded in 2014 by Hugo Anglade, Thomas Petitjean et Antoine Stevenot. Then, Julia Andréone, photographer, Thomas Petit and Manon Bruet, graphic designers, joined the team.
Combining graphic design, art direction and photography, Spassky Fischer mainly works in artistic and cultural fields. Since 2014, the studio is in charge of the whole communication and identity of the MAC VAL museum (Musée d’art contemporain du Val-de-Marne) and the Mucem (Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée) in Marseille, since 2016.