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The cookies are brief pieces of information that are sent and stored in the hard drive of the computer of the user through his or her browser when he or she visits a website. The cookies can be used to obtain and store data of the user while he or she is online in order to help the user with the requested services and that are not usually preserved (Session cookies), or to preserve the user data for other kind of future services and that can be preserved for an indefinite period (Persistent cookies). The cookies may be our own or from third parties.

There are different kinds of cookies:

  • Technical cookies that make the user’s browsing easier and helps him use different options or services offered by the website, such as identifying the session, allowing access to certain areas, helping with the requests, purchases, filling out forms, enrolments, security and functionalities (videos, social networks…).
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  • Analysis Cookies which make it possible to carry out an anonymous analysis of the behaviour of the website users and that also make it possible to measure the user’s activity and to create browsing profiles with the objective of improving the websites.
  • Advertising Cookies which make it possible to manage the advertising spaces of the website.
  • Customised advertising cookies that make it possible to manage the advertising spaces of the website based on the user’s browsing habits and behaviour, from where their profile is obtained and makes it possible to customize the advertising shown in the user’s browser.

ELISAVA uses technical cookies, customisation cookies and own and third party analysis cookies, which never handle personal data but capture browsing habits for advertising purposes.
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