Clara Layti,

After more than 10 years collaborating with designers for the creation of digital projects, we will analyze relevant works of our trajectory, share experiences and give examples of how to prepare the ideal hand off for the development of a website, making life easier for the developer and minimizing feedback and unforeseen events.

Clara Layti is a web programmer at LLOS& since 2020. She has led the development of web projects produced by studios such as Folch, Hey, Affaire or Proxi, among others. Working with the latest web development technologies, she seeks to adapt to the needs of each project to offer the best user experience. He studied Creation and Development of Digital Activities, specializing in UX design and web programming.

LLOS& is a web development studio in Barcelona specialized in pixel-perfect front-end finishing.
Our projects are programmed from scratch with emphasis on aesthetics, animations and interactions, almost always executed by the hand of art direction and design professionals.

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