Raúl Goñi,
Critical Design

Critical Design

How can we be good designers without questioning the world we live in? We strongly believe in the great value of being critical, not in a destructive way but always trying to find the whys behind the certainties and through being obsessed with the constant research of a way to do it better.

Designers observe, adopt a stance, collaborate, engage, adapt, write and debate when creating proposals. Designers with critical thinking, looking for problems, at the service of society, satirical and provocative that makes us think about how the world could be. In this workshop we will work on the positioning of the future designer and his social role as a message issuer.

Raúl Goñi

Navarrese, designer and teacher, in that order. Trained as a graphic designer in Pamplona and Barcelona. Posterist by profession he is a founding member of and the new in Portbou, a transdisciplinary event that focuses on people and their relationship with design from a playful point of view and a cross-border condition. Teacher since 2006 specialized in Art Direction and in the development of Final Degree Projects in various schools.

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