Matteo Moretti,

Visual Journalism

Data and Visual journalism are an interdisciplinary practice which combines editorial design, UX, web design, data visualization, interaction design, visual storytelling, and narratives to return the complexity of contemporary phenomena to a broader audience in a more engaging and approachable way.

The intensive workshop articulates on a single project development, which starts from a socio-political issue raised by the students group. Once framed that issue, students search for meaningful connected data, map the controversies the topic embeds, and then explores visual languages and metaphors toward the highlighting of a point of view. Finally, the students design the whole digital informative experience combining data and editorial design, to reach a specific audience.

Matteo Moretti

Co-founded the first studio that focuses on immersive information-experience-design. Matteo Moretti is a lecturer at the Faculty of Design of the Free University of Bolzano, at the University of San Marino, at the University of Florence, at the SPD Milan.

His design research projects, presented in many academic conferences and events such as TEDx and received the Data Journalism Award 2015, the European Design Award 2016 and 2017.


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