From 1900 to Postmodernism,

Introduction to the Enric Bricall Special Collection, a collection of books whose design and typography represent excellence in 20th century editorial design. We will offer a historical review from 1900 to Postmodernism, passing through the interwar avant-garde, the New Typography and Swiss graphics.

We will look at some representative books from each period and analyse their characteristics. We will try to understand where their importance lies and why they have gone down in the history of graphic design as canonical examples of editorial design in the last century.

The book has been the medium and the message of the diverse movements in the arts during the last century. The book, with its emphatic material presence, takes on a special value now that we are witnessing its dematerialization, reduced to digital data in electronic format.

Over the Bookworm sessions we will explore several iconic books that capture the spirit of the era in which they were designed. We will place the books in their context and try to define what makes them relevant in the history of 20th century book design. The Bookworm sessions are guided by Andreu Jansà, librarian and curator of the Enric Bricall Reserve Fund.

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