Giliane Cachin,

Positive and negative restrictions in graphic design.

When do restrictions in the design help creativity, and when do they require us to find new solutions? Under the prism of this question, each component of a layout will be reviewed during this lecture and analyzed from different angles (grid-system, text block, typeface and materiality).

Born in 1990 in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Giliane Cachin is an independent graphic designer based in Zurich. After graduating from ECAL in 2014, she worked for the studio NORM, as well as for the Lineto foundry and its founder Cornel Windlin. Today, beside running her own studio, she teaches editorial design at ECAL and typography at ZHdK, together with David Keshavjee and Marietta Eugster.

As a child, Giliane Cachin accompanied her engineer father to print industry fairs and was fascinated by all types of data visualization, such as technical drawings, information tables, color print tests etc. Today, in her practice, she likes to work around the density of information and the implementation of grid systems to render content clear and accessible all while letting the available data guide her designs.

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