Anna Díaz,
Hamill Industries

Light sound and visual illusions

Hamill Industries will share the techniques hidden behind their latest projects and collaborations: from sound visualisation processes to commercial work and new creative challenges.

© Flaminia Pelazzi

Hamill Industries

is a creative studio specialised in the convergence of technology and the arts. They develop innovation projects thanks to crafted technology, evocative design and visuals, creating new formats of visual communication. The studio, composed of Pablo Barquín and Anna Diaz, carries out artistic and technological research in the field of visual arts and innovation, by combining new media, digital or practical effects and experimental technologies with mechanical inventions.

They work across multiple mediums including advertising, music videos, art installations and live performances. Since 2015, they have been touring worldwide together with Floating Points creating his mesmerising visual shows, and have lectured and presented their work at internationally recognised festivals and institutions such as SONAR Festival, ARS Electronica, Matadero and The Barbican.

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