On Irma Boom + Muriel Cooper,

Irma Boom is considered the most relevant book designer of the moment. Many art centers and specialized publishers dispute the privilege of having one of their works. When she accepts an assignment, she demands total creative freedom, assuming the role of both the editor and the graphic designer.
Progressively, the work of Irma Boom has been assimilated to what we know as ‘artist’s books’, despite the fact that the designer rejects this typology.

Muriel Cooper (1925-1994) worked for four decades at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a graphic designer, teacher and researcher. She was art director at the Institute’s publishing house, the famous MIT Press, where she shaped numerous books essential to the history of contemporary art and architecture. In 1974 she founded the Visible Language Workshop, a think tank for new forms of graphic communication. Muriel Cooper was a pioneer in the transition from print to early explorations of digital typography.

Bookworm is a journey through books guided by Andreu Jansà, librarian and curator of the Enric Bricall Reserve Fund. Students will have the privilege of studying unique copies of the Elisava Library.
The objective of the Reserve Collection is to become a true universal history of modern graphic design applied to the publishing world. The books that make up the collection are documented in the main accounts of the history of 20th century graphic design.

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