Case studies

Natalia Santolaria,
Domestic Data Streamers

We, humans, struggle to build empathy towards large amounts of information. ¿How do we solve these challenges when the problems we face today are so inherently big, interconnected, wicked, and globalized? In this talk, we will explore some humble experiments done to overcome this lack of empathy through art, technology, and participatory experiences.

Natalia Santolaria is a creative director at Domestic Data Streamers, a storyteller who uses data as raw material. Trained in journalism and humanities, she works with a team of 25 designers, architects and technologists to create connections between information and people that trigger conversations and changes in fixed perspectives. Focused on social impact projects, she has directed campaigns and installations for organizations such as UN agencies, local governments or OXFAM. She explores how to bring interaction into the performing arts at

Domestic Data Streamers is an award-winning studio exploring how to express data through film, robotics, code, theater, or architecture in schools, prisons, cinemas, the streets of many cities, and even the United Nations Headquarters. They work for commercial brands and all kinds of old-school and new-kinky institutions. They truly believe data can be a real trigger of change and build bridges in a polarized society.

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