Óscar Germade,
Job Title: Art Director

Job Title: Art Director

In 2017, Vogue Spain took a new editorial direction that brought about a new art direction by the hand of Óscar Germade. This process is still alive today thanks to a project that gives as much importance to the image as to the type. A story in chapters of how, when and where one accepts the challenge of designing a magazine where everything has been said, written, heard, seen, criticized and praised. A visual review of Vogue’s relationship with design and art direction, of the dialogue between fashion and typography, of tradition and novelty.

Óscar Germade

(A Coruña, 1983) founded Solo in 2011, a design studio specialized in brand identity and editorial design. This project allows him to venture into different cultural fields, such as fashion and the media. Perhaps the greatest strength of the project -from which he has collaborated with brands such as Simon Miller, Nike, Oysho and El País- is the precise and forceful use of typography and photography, combining digital and analog techniques.

In 2017, he takes over the art direction of Vogue Spain, a leading magazine in the national editorial market.
Throughout his professional career, he combines the work of design and art direction with various teaching activities: he has been a professor of editorial projects in the Master in editorial design at Elisava, he was thesis director and degree coordinator at IED Barcelona and, since 2020, he has been a professor of typography at IE School of Architecture and Design.

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