Patrick Thomas,
The transformative Power of AI

The transformative Power of AI

Until now AI is not real intelligence. Essentially it is imitation: algorithms that have learned to do really specific things by being trained on thousands or millions of correct examples. Commonly referred to as ‘dumb’ AI, this term ignores the fact that in several fields, like face and speech recognition, it is already more accurate than humans.
Following the principles of Moore’s Law, it is only a matter of time before we are be able to create actual intelligence: conscious machines that can independently think for themselves.

The workshop will be hosted in a custom-built virtual space. Research and critical debate are central components to the project. The aim of the workshop is to develop participants’ research, writing, layout and publishing skills as well as to encourage critical thinking.
Participants will be encouraged to ask themselves the following questions:
Which opportunities will this technological development bring?
Am I aware of the implications it might have?

Patrick Thomas

is a graphic artist, author and educator. He studied at Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art in London before relocating to Barcelona in 1991. He currently lives and works in Berlin. In 2019 he created Open Collab a self-run workshop format to enable and encourage collaboration, dialogue and experimentation between participants. A free online platform was launched during Covid-19 lockdown to enable remote real-time collaboration. Since October 2013 he is a professor at ABK Stuttgart. He is a member of AGI.

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