Tim Rodenbröker,

Our world is changing at a breathtaking pace. Technological progress is continuously leading to significant transformations. It is high time that we, as designers, courageously and critically engage with the technologies that shape our everyday lives. This requires that we consequently engage with the hidden structures that are hidden behind the visible surfaces. One method that makes this possible is called Creative Coding.


Tim Rodenbröker is a designer, entrepreneur and community builder. After several years of running his own studio and teaching at various international universities, he founded his own learning platform, around 2019, which he now runs full-time. As a creative technologist, he has worked for clients such as nytimes.com, IBM, CCCB, ZKM Karlsruhe, Slate+Ash, Holo Magazine, DEMO Festival and Springer Science and Business Media.

trcc (tim rodenbröker creative coding) is an international online learning platform with an associated community for creative coding in the realms of graphic design. With about 800 active students from all over the world and a broad network of experts from universities and agencies, festivals and conferences, the Patreon-funded platform is a globally renowned institution in the current landscape of creative coding education.

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