Veronika Gryshchuk & Thinh Truong,

Join us for an immersive one-week course tailored for designers, where we’ll explore the integration of AI into the creative process. This professional program offers a hands-on experience with the latest AI tools, empowering you to innovate and elevate your design work. Perfect for those looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of design, our course is a blend of practical skills and cutting-edge knowledge. Because everybody is afraid of losing their jobs to AI.

Meet a dynamic duo Thinh Truong (Artificial) and Vero Gryshchuk (Intelligence) in the world of design and AI education. Vero, a graphic design grad from Elisava and speculative design aficionado. Thinh Truong, a playful yet insightful multidisciplinary designer, a motion graphic grad from IED Barcelona. Together their fates twisted at Domestic Data Streamers where they began the AI journey diving deep into AI research and its application in creative industry. 

They’re not just teachers but fun-seekers, blending design expertise with generative AI. Their classes? A creative journey at the exciting crossroads of design and experimental prompting.

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