Edgar Pons,
Who is afraid of Technology?

Who is afraid of Technology?

Technology constitutes an essential topic if our duty is to understand how our contemporary society works. Today, more than ever, technology plays an important role not only improving (or not) our daily lives, but also gathering, analyzing and visualizing almost all kinds of information. In this workshop we will learn the basics of programming in Arduino and Raspberry, to detect and automate signals. We will also learn how to choose the best platform to solve a technological project. And we will learn the basics to hack an analog automatism.

We will use various programming boards to detect analog signals and thereby interact with our code. We will learn the operation of the main electronic components to develop customized boards, to finally create our own. Finally we will learn how to hack a bolt opening system with NFC cards.

Technology and automation gives us countless options and power when facing projects. Knowing the capabilities we have and having a base on how to use them will allow us to take our projects much further.

Edgar Pons

Graduated in Industrial Design Engineering created his first company in 2011: The Social Coin, storifying kindness. He has collaborated with DDS giving support in the creation of interactive systems and experiences. He is working now in R&D at Ymaging, creating systems interpretating complex data in sectors such as smart farms, biomedicine and geophysics. In the meantime he is launching Nanoboost, a Startup related to “Smart Pills” with the objective of enhance brain capabilities.

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