Masters' Talks

Yazmany Arboleda,

At the heart of Yazmany Arboleda’s practice is the idea that art is a verb, not a noun. It is something we do, and something we see. He believes that art is a universal language of invention and agency, through which we define and redefine culture, express our shared experiences and envision all possibilities. His values driven practice centers collaboration and interdependence as a future-casting practice. The talk will explore a series of projects that showcase the evolution of his practice.  


Yazmany Arboleda (b. 1981, Colombian-American) serves as the first People’s Artist for New York City at the Civic Engagement Commission and is the Founder of The People’s Creative Institute. An architect by training, Yazmany art practice fosters community connections through expansive public art initiatives. He also holds the role of Senior Artistic Advisor for the Community Art Network, He has been commissioned by Carnegie Hall, the Yale School of Management, and the United Nations.

His artistic practice is deeply rooted in the trauma he endured when his father and uncles were assassinated in Medellin, Colombia, at the age of 11. For him, art became a sanctuary for exploration and self-discovery. It has provided him with the means to grasp his own evolving identity as a continually changing individual. His mission is to convey that art can function as a similar space of discovery and transformation for others as well. He endeavors to inspire people to recognize the potential of art for personal growth and collective understanding. 

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