Pablo Martínez & Mar Santamaría, 300.000 Km/s

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300.00km/s is a pioneering urban planning studio in strategic planning based on the use of macro-dades. Its projects combine the analysis and visualisation of data relating to cities to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants. They have exhibited at the Chicago Architecture Biennial (2019), the Casa Encendida in Madrid (2017), the Chicago Museum of Modern Art (2014) and the CCCB (2014).

Founded by Mar Santamaría and Pablo Martínez, 300.000 Km/s has been awarded the Premi Catalunya d’Urbanisme Manuel Solà-Morales 2020, the 2019 CSCAE’s Premio Nacional d’Urbanismo and the 2019 S+T+ARTS Prize from European Comission with the urban planning project Pla d’Usos de Ciutat Vella de Barcelona.

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