Aleix Artigal, Familia

  • MADD

Guides the Symbolic Alphabet/Iconography project

Trained in Graphic Design and Typography at the UAB in 2004, Aleix Artigal is the founder of Familia, a Barcelona-based graphic design studio with extensive experience in the fields of corporate identity, icon design, signage, editorial design and digital interface design. During this long professional activity, Familia has served national and international clients, both in the public and private sectors, where a long list of collaborations in the cultural field stands out.

Familia develops contemporary and aesthetic design and communication projects, with a clear commitment to functionality. The ultimate goal of Familia is to create projects that add value and serve the particular needs of each client.

“From the symbolic alphabets, I am fascinated by their supernatural ability to communicate information in a simple, fast and universal way without using any words. My objective in class will be to help students build a consistent, aesthetic, and above all, functional (non-verbal) language.”

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