Ane Guerra García de Albéniz,

  • MED
  • MADD

Teaches Edition and Creative Writing in the MED and Storytelling in the MADD

I’m a journalist with experience in various areas (radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, PR, the editorial world and the data world) and with a broad outlook on the job. My main life goal was having a small part (an orc character, if possible) in The Lord Of The Rings, but as that’s already difficult, I focus on trying to transmit the real values of journalism and information, and doing it in an empathetic, feminist and conscious way. I like old stuff and music. A lot.

“We will create connections between the reader and the information. Let’s take care of the words; We are going to make them look pretty, but also, that they are the right ones, the ones that touch. Probably, we’re going to laugh a little too.”

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