Ane Guerra, Letraherida

Teaches Edition and Creative Writing in the MED and Storytelling in the MADD

Journalist, scriptwriter, Storytelling and Copywriting teacher at Elisava and host of the podcast Women at Work by Hey. I’ve been telling stories and working for national and international clients for over 15 years, doing radio and television, presenting shows, creating magazines and writing all kinds of content: from books to exhibitions. There’s nothing I love more than reading while having breakfast.

“We will create connections between the reader and the information. Let’s take care of the words; We are going to make them look pretty, but also, that they are the right ones, the ones that touch. Probably, we’re going to laugh a little too.”

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Pol Pérez


Guides the Book Design Master Project in the MDE and Master Project Tutor in the MVD

Mikel Romero

León Romero

Teaches Typography in the Spanish edition of the MVD

Damián 'Mich' Micenmacher

Teaches professional development and presentation skills

Gerald Kogler

Teaches Cartography — Space as Data