Anna del Corral,

  • MBP

Teaches the course Designing from the self

PhD in Computer architecture, she moved to Industrial Design after an epiphany “She wanted to create things common people really use.”
She worked as packaging industrial designer at a cosmetics multinational company for 6 years and moved to teach in ELISAVA after another epiphany “she wanted people to properly design the things common people use.”
She is currently the research leader of the Decoding Well-being area of Elisava Research, and her concern is “how to design fair and meaningful things”.

In Elisava, Anna leads academic projects with companies (HyperloopTT, Seat, Edag, Carnet, Quadpack, Tous, B Braun, Lacer) in several subjects: somaesthetics, future packaging, future mobility, health care and sensory experience. As research leader of the Decoding Well-being area, she develops research for companies on emotions and human behavior, and well-being spaces.
Anna also teaches several subjects in Elisava such as Packaging and Technology Integration, and supervises final degree thesis.

“When you inoculate students with curiosity, and give them tools to satisfy it, much of the work is done. One of these tools is experimentation, the first-person perspective, and another fundamental one is to bring all the acquired knowledge to the conscious plane.”

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