Axel Gasulla, Domestic Data Streamers

  • MADD

Teaches Statistics — Data as a Raw Material

Trained in Psychology, Axel is in charge of the data research department at Domestic Data Streamers, overseeing the application and methodology of social sciences within the facility. He specializes in transforming behaviors using data to understand, predict and modify them.

Axel has developed his psychological approach by working with multidisciplinary teams in different fields, including artificial intelligence and natural language to improve e-commerce while working for Vi-Cone Corp. He has also developed talent for larger companies such as Sodexo and even headhunted for managerial positions for Randstad.

On the other hand, Axel has researched and analyzed behaviors within organizations together with Ramon Llull University in Barcelona within an interdisciplinary approach to the application of video games as talent development. In addition to working for Domestic Data Streamers, Axel worked with the elBulli Foundation together with Elisava School of Design and Engineering developing tools applied to the analysis and development of creative processes.

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