Cristina Noguer,

  • MBP

Guides the Emotional Packaging project

Cristina holds an MFA in Interior Design from Parsons, New York; a B.Sc. in Industrial Design Engineering (B.Sc.) from Napier University, Edinburgh; and a B.Sc. in Product Development from Escola Politècnica Superior, Girona.

Currently, she works as a multidisciplinary independent creative which allows her to have a wider vision to create business models based on values, empathy, truth and abundance putting research and innovation at the service of the earth, plants and all living beings.

In 2014 Cristina joined Puig, a multinational luxury goods company to start the Ideation Department. Over five years she developed several publications on materials and technologies for product and retail. Further she built the first in-house materials library and materials showroom. Finally Cristina created the IdeationLab, an in-house Fablab with a network of professionals: coders, technologists, theorists, researchers, creatives, makers, designers, photographers, and illustrators that helped to envision the future of the perfumery industry.

“Understanding the social and environmental implication of materials its a good starting point to make structural changes towards social justice and environmental healing”

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