Curro Claret,

  • MBP

Leads the Ephemeral Packaging Design challenge and runs the workshop Ready-made Packaging

Industrial design studies at Elisava University School of Design and Engineering and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. After working on different kind of jobs (is there any job which is not related to design?) established himself as a designer at the end of 90’s. One of the aspects that he values most in design is the possibility of being able to be on the margins, in the vulnerable, in and with those who are “outside”.

Freelance designer of strategies, actions, artefacts and objects for companies like BD Barcelona Design, Camper or Zicla and institutions, foundations, galleries and private commissions for Arrels Fundacio, Tot Raval, Impulsem or We Are Water Foundation.

Many of the projects explore the mix of organisations and groups (especially those in a more vulnerable situation) to try to generate new opportunities and positive impacts.

“Design and designers often find ourselves at the service of interests that only really benefit a few, supporting a system that generates large imbalances and environmental impacts. The University seems to be one of the few places where there can still be some hope to break this dynamic.”

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