Eduard Frigola, Playmodes

  • MADD

Imparts the Data & Processing capsule

Eduard Frigola is an engineer in audiovisual systems. His background as a musician has led him to cultivate a particular interest in the development of systems capable of mastering audiovisual language as a live expressive instrument.

Playmodes is an audiovisual research studio. A hybrid team of engineers, musicians and designers, they work with self-made digital technologies that breathe life into original light and sound instruments. This digital luthierism has led them to apply their creativity to immersive installations, scenography or projection mapping, in a journey outside the square boundaries of traditional screens.

In most of their projects, the same streams of data generate both audio and visuals through selfmade softwares.

“In the Data & Processing capsule we take the first steps towards audiovisual language through code; we see the foundations of creative programming, and investigate the different numerical conditioning strategies with which we can treat data to transform them into light, sound, movement or poetry.”


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