Eloi Maduell, Playmodes

  • MADD

Guides the trimester project Data Beyond Screens

Computer Engineer by training and audiovisual creative by passion, he has been experimenting and developing projects around creativity and new audiovisual technologies for 20 years. Passionate about human perception, creative programming, mathematics, physics and abstraction.

Playmodes is an audiovisual research studio, a hybrid team of engineers, musicians and designers. Through the development of their own technologies, they bring light and sound instruments to life. This digital luthierism has led them to apply their language to sculptural formats, immersive installations or scenographies, in a journey outside the square limits of traditional screens.
In their projects, data flows generate audio and images with software made by themselves.

“Data Beyond Screens aims to open up a range of creative possibilities around multiple media beyond the computer screen. From projection mapping to immersive installations, light, sound and movement. Based on the digital manipulation of data, the idea is to explore the possibilities of designing multimedia environments that allow us to experience data with all our senses.”

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