Gerard Mallandrich, Gimmewings

  • MVD

Leads the workshop Motion Graphic Systems

Graphic designer specialized in Motion Design. After finishing his studies he worked for 4 years in Mayúscula and Summa studios. From 2017 to 2018 he worked as a freelance developing Motion Design projects and in 2019 he founded Gimmewings studio with David Galar. He currently combines his work with teaching in various educational centers.

Gimmewings is a Motion Design studio specialized in using animation and interaction to communicate concepts through movement.

“From Gimmewings we treat motion as something implicit within design, not as a complementary tool. We believe that the paradigm of traditional design that tries to summarize everything in a single image has completely changed. Animation offers us a timeline through which to explain concepts through storytelling. This way of understanding motion is something we try to transmit in an educational framework and that leads us to rethink new ways of designing.”

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