Ingrid Picanyol, Ingrid Picanyol Studio

  • MBP

Guides the project Ways of seeing Packaging

Award-winning creative director, graphic designer and photographer based in Barcelona. With a love for working with forward-thinking clients who understand the power and influence they can have, she helps build brands that everyone (including her!) want to choose tomorrow. Before heading her own studio, she worked with Suki Design Studio, RoAndCo (NYC), Javas Lehn Studio (NYC) and ByFutura (CDMX) and lived in cities like New York or Mexico City.


Her studio is based in Barcelona but they work with clients and collaborators throughout the world. While all their projects are tailored to her clients, they always aim to align innovation within their business goals in a fresh, inclusive and environmentally responsible way.

“It’s creatively fulfilling to find ways of breaking the rules of what it’s already done with visual solutions that are aesthetically eye catching.”

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