Joan Planas, Domestic Data Streamers

  • MBP

Guides the project Enhanced Packaging

Bachelor degree in Interactive Design and Master in Interactive Media Joan Planas defines himself as a creative technologist. A term placed between engineering, fine arts and the design disciplines.  

Energetic, restless and explorer of new media he is co-founder of Domestic Data Streamers, a data design studio dedicated on capturing and visualizing data through new formats.

His personal career has always been linked to new technologies, through various interactive installations and ephemeral spaces.

His work have been exhibited in several galleries of Barcelona such as CCCB and DHUB, Kinetica Art Fair in London and Berlin among others.

When he is out of the Matrix, you can find him hanging from a rock recharging energy.

“We live in a time where reality is no longer only physical but also digital, so we must be able to communicate ourselves and act, with the same expressiveness”

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