Olga Subirós, Olga Subirós Studio

  • MADD

Teaches Data for the Common Good

She curates projects that take an integrative approach to 21st century culture and the far-reaching transformations of the digital age. She is also an architect and her work is deployed in the fields of creative direction, exhibition design and consultancy. She recently co-curated Big Bang Data, with José Luis de Vicente, a major exhibition that offered a critical view of the world of big data. At the next Venice Architecture Biennale he will present his project AIR/ARIA/AIRE on data, city and air pollution.

“How am I complicit?
Specifically, how are the works that I’m creating, the methods that I’m using to create them, and the ways that I am presenting them to the world supporting the agendas of Silicon Valley and the adjacent power structures of government?”

Tech and the fine art of complicity
Jer Thorp, 2018

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