Raúl Goñi, Goñi Studio

  • MADD

Leads the workshop about Critical Design

Navarrese, designer and teacher, in that order. Trained as a graphic designer in Pamplona and Barcelona. Posterist by profession he is a founding member of FestadelGrafisme.org and the new TallersdelaFesta.org in Portbou, a transdisciplinary event that focuses on people and their relationship with design from a playful point of view and a cross-border condition. Teacher since 2006 specialized in Art Direction and in the development of Final Degree Projects in various schools.

“13 years guiding projects in Graphic Design & Communication. From the what to the how in the most direct, graphic and powerful way possible. Nothing more beautiful than going into class and being able to share your experience with people you know will surprise you. Teaching as part of my professional and vital learning.”

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