Santi Vilanova, Playmodes

  • MADD

Imparts the Data & Sound capsule

With a degree in graphic design and a passion for sound art, Santi Vilanova has managed to combine these two disciplines through the catalyst of “creative technologies”, of which he is a self-taught developer.
(De)formed in the rave scene at the beginning of 2000, his sound work has been evolving to integrate this influence in new territories. His recent research combines digital algorithms and sound engines with classical staves and acoustic sets, focusing on the idea of visual music.

Playmodes is an audiovisual research studio, a hybrid team of engineers, musicians and designers. Through the development of their own technologies, they bring light and sound instruments to life. This digital luthierism has led them to apply their language to sculptural formats, immersive installations or scenographies, in a journey outside the square limits of traditional screens.
In their projects, data flows generate audio and images with software made by themselves.

“We work with data sets, real-time inputs and generative sound systems, we create sound pieces that relate to their environment. We handle concepts and techniques such as ‘data sonification’, ‘sound spatialization’ and the development of synthesis engines that allow us to shape the sound in a flexible and innovative way. The capsule has an eminently practical orientation – ‘learning by doing’-, in which we will work developing our own software in a visual programming environment”.

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