Thinking With Your Hands

Workshop 3
July 12—16, 2021

Cyrus Highsmith

Occupant Fonts

Register before May 15, 2021

The Shape of Space.
A week of different ways of drawing, making, and seeing letters.

Letters can be drawn in so many different ways. Cyrus Highsmith’s approach is based heavily on the importance of white space and sensitivity to shapes. It’s a method he applies to type design as well as image making of all kinds. For Highsmith, it’s a way of seeing the world. This workshop will be a messy, hands-on, and computer-free exploration of drawing, making, and thinking about letters.

The objective of this workshop is create a memorable week of drawing letters and making art. It will culminate in a group exhibition of our work.

Structure and contents
Each day will be 4 hours of working together on a group exhibition of sketches, drawings and prints. We will experiment and play with different ways of drawing and thinking about letters. Techniques may include stencils, screen printing, collage, painting. Participants should be ready for new experiences, experimentation, play, and failure.


Cyrus Highsmith

Occupant Fonts

Cyrus is a letter drawer, teacher, author, and graphic artist. He teaches type design at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

He wrote and illustrated the acclaimed primer Inside Paragraphs: Typographic Fundamentals.

In 2015, he received the Gerrit Noordzij Prize for extraordinary contributions to the fields of type design, typography, and type education.

In 2017, he became Creative Director for Latin Type Development at Morisawa USA.
He goes to bed very early.

Keywords Letters / Stencils / Sketchbook / Rabbits / Monsters / Drawing / No laptops / Contour / Edge / Shape / Thinking hand

Practical information

Who is it for?
Anyone can apply. My expertise is limited mostly to the latin alphabet but students who want to explore additional writing systems are very welcome.

All levels are welcome

Knowledge or experience required
Lots of energy, an open mind, willingness to be present and participate.

The school will supply the necessary drawing materials, though the participants are welcome to bring their own.
It will be messy.
No laptops necessary.

Workshop price
625 €
Discounts before 15 April
If you sign up for more TypeJuly workshops the price of the second is 530 €,
third and subsequent 500 €.
Cyrus is fluent in English and Spanish.
20 hours, 5 days
4 hours per day,
from 10 am to 2 pm
Alumni Bold
530 €
If you sign up for more TypeJuly workshops the price of the second is 500 €,
third and subsequent 470 €.
Special offer
Participants who wish to register for the MVD, MED or MADD master programmes will have a discount equivalent to the price of the workshop.
Due to COVID19, some dates could be modified and/or some courses could be canceled.
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