Expressive Typography

Workshop 4
July 19—23, 2021

Noël Leu

Grilli Type

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The medium is the message


We often think about typography as a tool to visualise language in a legible and appealing fashion. But typography should not be regarded as a neutral messenger. Typography is a medium that subtly works its magic on the recipient to shape the way a message is perceived. This workshop explores how to use some of this magic.


The objective is to understand on how the messenger can shape and manipulate typography to achieve a desired effect.

Structure and contents

Participants will choose a topic to base their project on. This can be a book, a record album, a song, a movie or anything else that they wish to find a typographic expression for. The topic will be visualised typographically in a medium chosen by the participant. This can be an animation, a typeface, a poster or anything that works with typography.

The final result will be both a presentation of the product and the journey the participant took to get there.

Noël Leu

Grilli Type

Noël Leu is a Swiss graphic designer. He usually spends a large part of the year traveling the globe to broaden his horizon, getting inspired, and to give talks about design.

Grilli Type is an independent Swiss type foundry founded by Noël Leu and Thierry Blancpain in late 2009. Grilli Type has become well-known for its retail and custom typefaces. But also, for the minisites which accompany them. Often utilising animation and a host of reference material, the sites break down the design process for each typeface, allowing the nuances of type design to be appreciated by type aficionados and novices alike.

KeywordsExpression / Influencing / Communicating / Emotions

Practical information

Who is it for?

Graphic designers and typographers

Knowledge or experience required

Basic know-how or high self esteem working with the visual medium chosen by the participant



If participants need specific software for, for example, animation or type design, they should bring it along with a laptop computer. Non-digital works are also welcome.

The school will provide some materials such as paper, photocopier and b/w printer. Participants are free to bring their own materials.

Workshop price
625 €
Discounts before 15 April
If you sign up for more TypeJuly workshops the price of the second is 530 €,
third and subsequent 500 €.
Noël is fluent in English; German, French and a little Spanish.
20 hours, 5 days
4 hours per day,
from 10 am to 2 pm
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530 €
If you sign up for more TypeJuly workshops the price of the second is 500 €,
third and subsequent 470 €.
Special offer
Participants who wish to register for the MVD, MED or MADD master programmes will have a discount equivalent to the price of the workshop.
Due to COVID19, some dates could be modified and/or some courses could be canceled.
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