Hi! graphic.elisava are four advanced master programmes that push the boundaries of graphic design further, explore new relationships between content and editorial design, delve into the complexity of data design↗ and rethink the future of packaging.

Together with our outstanding teachers and experts, you will experience an inspiring and stimulating year in Barcelona.

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Master Visual Design

Formerly 'Master in Graphic Design'

How can graphic designers be agents of change and social transformation?
An expanded vision of graphic design for critical thinkers, who question the present to build new futures.

Master Editorial Design


How can graphic designers navigate between print, digital and content?
Explore the possibilities of editorial experiences beyond questions of format.

Master Data Design


How can designers make sense of this mad MADD world?

A hands on experience about crafting information and making a change

Master Beyond Packaging

New programme!

We need to rethink how packaging should be according to the challenges the planet is facing now.

Want to join in the conversation and change the future?