Dahyun Hwang,

Dahyun will talk about how we can convert analog into digital things and explore the possibilities of the web. Furthermore, how can we create exciting websites in unexpected ways? And how can we use online tools for better communication nowadays?

Dahyun Hwang is a graphic designer. She studied visual communication at University of Seoul in Korea and finished her master’s at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. She thinks about how we can connect analog and digital. She is also a co-initiator of HHHA, a creative coding collective. She has participated in ‘Post Modern Child’ Exhibition in MoCA Busan and ‘POST IT!’ Exhibition in Tokyo. Her works have been featured in Monthly Design, It’s Nice That, CA Magazine, and so on.

HHHA (Hej Hello Hallo Annyeong) is a creative coding collective in which female creators gather to share and explore web-based works. Dahyun Hwang co-initiated HHHA with Naree Shin, and they gathered other teammates living in various places such as Germany, Denmark, and Korea.

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