Victor Guerithault,

Continuing the construction game, the aim of the workshop is to imagine a simple system for constructing cellular kites. To add a very specific constraint to kite flyers, these kites will need to be foldable and relatively large when built. At the end of the workshop all the kites must be hung in the school entrance hall. These kites must be aesthetic and poetic but also well thought in their construction system. The aim of the workshop is to explore repetitive geometric shapes with specific kite materials such as the spinnaker or structures.

Victor Guerithault (1993, Paris) is a designer specialized in kites and aerial structures graduated in EESAB Rennes in 2018. Passionate about lightweight structures, architectures and kites he found a way to dust off the aerodynes systems in a fun way. Kites are thousand-year-old objects that have the power to create interactions, social links, dreams and memories. The goal is not simply to fly your kites but to build it from A to Z and also to be able to transform it in a few minutes.

Guided by basic but equally complex geometries, these aerodynes are 100% customizable, making them it’s first quality. Indeed, all the projects, collaborations or requests on which I worked saw the light of day thanks to this system. I already worked for Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Le Coq Sportif and Burberry. This building game allow me to work with different structures like schools, brands and festivals. Kites are serious children’s objects, several recognized designers or architects have become passionate about these age-old objects, such as the couple Charles and Ray Eames.

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