Algorithmic Prometheus

ADG Laus 2020


Algorithmic Prometheus

Book Design

  • María Albillos
  • Ricardo Muñoz
  •  MDE 19

Who’s the author? Is this art? Is this beautiful? These are some of the main questions that have arise in the past years regarding the art movement GANism, art generated through algorithms. In Algorithmic Prometheus we explore the limits between the AI world and art through de story of the learning process of Singularity, an algorithm that browses through the concepts of beauty and art, trying to understand its creator, and, at first, trying to gain his recognition.



This book pretend to divulge emerging artists that use GANs in their creations, at the same time as it sets out the different questions and arguments that this kind of art generates in our society.

In Algorithmic Prometheus the story of Singularity guides us through the reading that pretends to be a huge quantity of information that has been digitally processed, in which our main character seeks its own truth and starts being conscience of herself and her independence through the book.


María Albillos

Madrid ES

MDE 19

Ricardo Muñoz

Barcelona ES

MDE 19


Josep Román

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Magazine Design

  • Desislava Danova
  • Melissa Gómez
  •  MED 20

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  • Rana Wassef
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