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  • Camelia Bezzola
  • Martha Gibson
  •  MED 20

Fighting food waste from home

Save food, save money, save the planet. Make it easy with Olea.

Olea’s objective is to help tackle daily food waste in households by offering a guide to conscious and economical living.

The app is designed to simplify food shopping and cooking with a collection of recipes and tips that will minimise wastage and make the most of what’s already in your fridge.

The website is designed to be the editorial part of this project. Olea wants to create a culture around the topic of food waste. It will help people identify local and fresh produce as well as introduce and interview people who are actively fighting against food waste.

The Instagram supports the app and website, giving quick and easy tips to avoid food waste and save money. It also keeps users updated on new content from both platforms.



Camelia Bezzola

Milano IT

MED 20

Martha Gibson

London GB

MED 20


Javier Pereda

Camilo Roa

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