Andreu Belsunces

Teaches Critical Media

Andreu researches the intersections bewteen sociology of design and technology, storytelling, social innovation and collaborative practices. Currently is associate professor in UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) and IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) and works as a consultant for public administrations and private companies among which is Domestic Data Streamers.

In the field of art and culture he has collaborated with CCCB, AECID, UNESCO, The Wrong Biennale, Sónar +D or Medialab Prado, among others. He also has been resident researcher on interface politics in Hangar. He has wrote about culture and technology in different media and his work has been published in books like Crossmedia Innovations (Peter Lang) or Fanáticos (UOC Press). He is co-founder of Becoming, a collective space for the observation of emergent sociotechnical realities.

“Sociology and philosophy are two interesting standing points to critically understand our complex present. Applying their perspectives to understand connected technologies and digital media we expect to offer a set of methodological and conceptual tools to become more conscious (and potentially responsible) citizens and professionals, and to articulate discourses and practices able to positively affect the world we live in.”

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