Bani Brusadin,

Bani Brusadin is a curator, educator and researcher. Since the early 00s he has been researching contemporary art, critical technologies, user cultures, political issues disguised as other things, and the utopias and dystopias of a networked society. He holds a PhD in Advanced Artistic Practices and currently teaches at the University of Barcelona, Elisava and Esdi.

Bani was co-founder and curator of The Influencers (CCCB Barcelona, 2004 – 2019). Since 2018 he is one of the curators of the Tentacular festival (Matadero Madrid). He is currently working on Freeport, an independent learning & research program in art and design. In 2021 he authored the essay The Fog of Systems (Aksioma) and was guest editor of issue 37 (2021) of the Temes de Disseny journal (Elisava) about “Invisible Conflicts – A New Terrain of Bodies, Infrastructures and Information”.

“Contemporary artists and designers should act as unruly cartographers and portray what resists being portrayed. They should chase a material power that lacks a fixed, humanist perspective to describe it. Even partial evidence, fragments of stories, intuitions, or recombined objects will help us pay new attention to both systemic crises and opportunities to build equitable forms of technological coexistence between all living beings (and machines).”

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