Clara Vituri, Domestic Data Streamers

  • MADD

Guides the Data Collection project

After graduating Cum Laude in the degree in Interaction Design at Elisava, Clara began working at Domestic Data Streamers as a visual designer, translating complex concepts and information into interactive and emotional experiences. She believes in the social importance of design and that designers have a political influence in how we communicate and consume information in our daily lives. 

Clara is part of a team that transforms data into understandable experiences where the concept plays a crucial role in reinforcing and enhancing the message. From communication campaigns to digital interactive experience and museography, she has worked for national museums and institutions such as the CCCB or CaixaForum, as well as other international organizations like TED, UNICEF and The Citizen Lab. 

“Communicating information in a close and understandable way is essential to reach a wider audience in a world driven by attention economy. Stopping to listen to each other and creating spaces for debate can help us question the realities in which we live.”

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