Edgar Pons Forn

Leads the workshop Who is afraid of Technology?

Graduated in Industrial Design Engineering created his first company in 2011: The Social Coin, storifying kindness. He has collaborated with DDS giving support in the creation of interactive systems and experiences. He is working now in R&D at Ymaging, creating systems interpretating complex data in sectors such as smart farms, biomedicine and geophysics. In the meantime he is launching Nanoboost, a Startup related to “Smart Pills” with the objective of enhance brain capabilities.


“cita personal.”

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Carla de la Torre

Guides the final master project: Data Experience

Damián 'Mich' Micenmacher

Teaches professional development and presentation skills

Sílvia Escursell

Runs the Graphic Workshop sessions in the MVD and the MED, teaches about Materials for Packaging in the MBP

Pol Pérez


Guides the Book Design Master Project in the MDE and Master Project Tutor in the MVD