F Javier Gómez Laínez, Nousmedis

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Teaches Creative Production

I grew up in Barcelona’s Guinardó district, when it was still populated by shacks and you could play marbles among chickens and hens. I graduated in veterinary science -with more marks than knowledge- in 1993 from the UAB.
I have been “seriously” involved in design since I was 27, when I founded the agency “Gala Communication”, which specialised in web and multimedia design.


In 2000 I founded Nousmedis, where I work as an expert in digitalization and optimization of editorial production processes. We have clients in more than 10 countries, which we help to produce catalogues, brochures and sales material in an automated way.

“Approaching graphic design from its most technological side can be intimidating and difficult at first, but knowing and making the most of your working tools will give you the freedom to explore and invent new forms of communication”.

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