Jose Rosales, Codea

Guides the Data Communication project

Graduated in audiovisual design from BAU Design University. Lover and observer of everyday life. FIFA professional player. Majorcan and Madridista. Urbanite. Perfectionist. Founder, Art Director and Creative Director at Codea Studio. I can’t stop swinging back and forth. Nervous and calm at the same time. I was hooked on Chinese food and now I’m hooked on Crossfit. A big fan of Denis Villeneuve, Jacques Tati, Camarón de la Isla, Kady Cain and Serge Gainsbourg.

“I teach subjects related to communication and advertising, focusing on new formats and new narratives. The classes are 50% theoretical and 50% practical, and aim to train creators who are capable of thinking about the world and representing it. The subjects are drawn from communication and advertising, but also from cinema, literature and art history. Both at Codea Studio and in class we believe in communication of a social and cultural nature, with high doses of drama, risk, humour and absurdity.”

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Dolors Soriano

Teaches graphic arts and print production

Marc Conangla

16 Times

Guide the Data Collection project

Mark Bohle

Studio Mark Bohle

Teaches Typography in the English edition of the master

Pol Pérez


Guides the Book Design Master Project in the MDE and Master Project Tutor in the MVD