Mikel Romero, León Romero

Teaches Typography in the Spanish edition of the MVD

Graphic designer and art director based in Barcelona. Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Typography from the Eina School. Mikel worked for years at Hey Studio and Bd Barcelona Design, later collaborating with studios such as Mucho, Ainhoa Nagore and Atipus.

Currently, together with Jorge León, he leads LEÓN ROMERO, a visual communication studio with a focus on conceptualisation and the exploration of new graphic universes. From the studio, they carry out visual identity, art direction, web and editorial design projects, both for brands, institutions and individuals.

“We understand typography as a fundamental element in the communication of any graphic project; not only because of its verbal or visual expressiveness, but also because of the number of registers and nuances that are denoted through its use. We will help students to explore the expressive limits of typography, in order to generate new graphic languages”

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