Pol Pérez, Studiopol

  • MVD
  • MED

Guides the Book Design Master Project in the MDE and Master Project Tutor in the MVD

Graduated in graphic design at Elisava in 2010. After graduating he works for different design companies in Barcelona (Folch Studio, *S,C,P,F…, Bendita Gloria, Avanti Avanti, among others) until he sets up Affaire, in 2015, with Josep Román. After a transition year working for the Dutch agency …,staat (Amsterdam), he returns to Barcelona and starts up a new chapter as Studiopol (2020). He combines his design work with teaching at Elisava, where he’s supervised editorial and visual identity projects in the Masters’ degrees in Editorial Design, Visual Identity, and Photography.

Working from a notably editorial edge, Studiopol operates indistinctly across editorial design, visual identity, art direction and web design. The studio’s work is defined by an interest for all-encompassing concepts that affect design and content in equal measure. Studiopol works under the assumption that every decision within a project is an entity in its own right, thus sidestepping a systematic approach to design.

“I find it very difficult to look at design with an approach that is black or white, total, definitive: on the contrary, my understanding of design is organic and evolves through time. Therefore, I challenge myself to tear down my own prejudices – I approach teaching as a space to question what is taken for granted, and where I myself learn year after year.”

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