MADDhouse #1,

Nationalities are universal, they affect and surround every person in the world, they are really a vital factor in your personal development, and it’s something you don’t initially get to choose. While It may appear in the western world that we live in a globalized and free world, freedom and mobility can turn into a really individual process depending on what nationality you have.

By exploring the concept of nationalities as something imposed by globalized standards, this project seeks to reveal a critical perspective and explore in different ways the global inequalities we already think we know. As well as reveal the way the world is gonna process you and treat you in some cases –addressing it through a symbolic form of how we represent nationalities.

This exploration seeks to give a new perspective and spark a conversation regarding our identity and how we relate with one’s own nation and the world in general. As a society, the nationalities’ principles are forced and untouchable and there’s no space to question them, and can’t help but wonder if the world as we know it could exist if we revise flags, borders, international law and passports.

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