From here I saw people laughing and I cried

ADG Laus 2020


From here I saw people laughing and I cried

Book Design

  • Alejandro Sanz
  • Raquel Piteira
  •  MED 19

In the U.S.A., during the slavery time in the 19th century, the Minstrel Shows were a form of entertainment for white and privileged audience. The representation of the African–American slaves through the form of blackface, created and perpetuated racial stereotypes that remain present until nowadays.

Based on the title of Carrie Mae Weems artwork, From here I saw what happened and I cried, this book reflects on how humour originated derogatory stigmas, through a compendium of works created by Afro–American artists. By recontextualizing harmful and offensive imaginary, the artists featured in this book counter the stigmatization of their community by using it as a form of empowerment and social change.


Alejandro Sanz

Mallorca ES

MED 19

Raquel Piteira

Lisboa PT

MED 19


Josep Román

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