Two sides of a shared experience

Two sides of a shared experience

Information Systems

  • Ezequiel Salatino
  •  MADD 20

The everyday life in Elisava is shaped by complex processes of planning and coordination made by several teams. But the final experience is shared. Students, teachers, coordinator, directors and academic management need to work together to achieve the best results. This project explores how information systems can improve the function and the experience, making information available and improving communication between people and teams.

The proposal is a 2 part application. One is a mobile app for students and teachers. Works through simple gestures to show where you need to be and to search for rooms. The other one is a desktop app for the school staff. Focus on the complex processes of coordination and planning of the classrooms occupancy.
During this project, I explore how to visually show complex information like time, space, distribution of people, activities, and the status of classes and classrooms.


Ezequiel Salatino





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