I won’t be home for dinner

ADG Laus 2023

I won’t be home for dinner

Book Design

  • Camila Joaqui L
  • Andrés Ramírez
  •  MDE 22

Throughout history, the kitchen and domesticity have been systematically thought to be an extension of womanhood. What is the origen of this powerful connection between home and women? What are the implications of such a deep-seated and seemingly “natural” association? I Won’t Be Home for Dinner is a study about women’s liberation in the kitchen.

The book analyses the topic through the space as a social map and appliances as time-saving tools, as well as the role of convenience food within the process; with the aim of presenting a wide perspective and questioning gender roles and expectations.


Camila Joaqui L


MDE 22

Andrés Ramírez

Palma de Mallorca ES

MDE 22


Pol Pérez

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